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2.8.2011 The new Street Skate Park Facility at the Sports Complex on Tausick Way is now complete! Thank you to the following oranizations for their generous support in making this project a reality: Tony Hawk Foundation, Wildhorse Foundation, Blue Mountain Community Foundation, Winans Trust, Bonnie Braden Foundation.
Also, thank you to Mark and all the Dreamland guys. In addition, much appreciation to local volunteers: Eric Dahlin, Chris Garner, Grant Godard, Chris Bennett and James Harley who all put in a lot of time and work in completing the park.

2.10.2010 The Walla Walla Skate Park Association is pleased to announce with much appreciation a generous grant of $5,000.00 from the Wildhorse Foundation. These funds will be used to build a beginners/street section next to the recently completed skatepark on Tausick Way.
The new street skatepark will compliment the existing intermediate/advanced bowl and make the entire facility on Tausick Way accessible to skateboarders of all skill levels. Dreamland Skateparks of Lincoln City, Oregon built the phase one bowl in October 2008 and will also construct this new street area. Dreamland Skateparks is a world renowned builder of skateparks with a reputation for excellence. Learn more about Dreamland at www.dreamlandskateparks.com

02.01.2009 The new bowl at the Sports Complex on Tausick Way is now open!!! Click here for the latest photos from this new skatepark...

02.01.2009 THANK YOU to the following major benefactors that made the new skatepark a reality: Sherwood Trust, Stubblefield Trust, Blue Mountain Community Foundation, and Blue Mountain Action Council/AmeriCorps! In addition, thank you to all of the individuals and businesses in the Walla Walla community that contributed financial support, donated building materials, and volunteered their time to help complete the skatepark! WWSPA will be installing granite"skate bricks" [Spring 2009]at the new facility to honor all of those who contributed to this project. Thank you once again!!!

12.23.08 Tony Hawk Foundation awards a $10,000 grant to the Walla Walla Skate Park Assoc. The funds will be used to construct a new beginners/street area next to the existing bowl on Tausick Way. A big thanks to the Tony Hawk Foundation for their support of local youth!

9.15.08 Ground Breaking on the new Bowl!!
Dreamland Skate Parks broke ground at the Sports Complex site this week. The new bowl is now under construction! Click here for additional photos of the construction.

The WWSPA is currently in the process of acquiring a building permit from the City of Walla Walla to begin building the new bowl facility at the Sports Complex. A tentative start date of September 2, 2008 has been set. After many years of fundraising and countless volunteer hours donated by many in the community, the reality of a new park is right around the corner.

To date the WWSPA has raised aprx. $7,000 through the “Skate Bricks” donor appreciation program. Through the generosity of WWSPA Vice-President Carmen Castaldo (Castaldo Stone & Tile) granite bricks have been made freely available to honor donor’s contributions to the skate park expansion. The bricks are individually engraved with the donor’s name and/or logos (wholesale engraving by Wylie Monuments). During the time of the skate park construction, Castaldo Stone & Tile will oversee a group of skaters in the installation of the bricks in various monuments and skateable sections of the park. To find out how you can receive a brick in honor of your donation please email info@skatewallawalla.org

Dreamland Skate Parks of Portland, Oregon has been selected to construct the new bowl facility! Dreamland is widely thought of as one of the top skate park builders in the world. They built Milton-Freewater's skate park, and are currently constructing a large skate park in nearby Pendleton, Oregon.

New building site selected for the new advanced bowl! The new skate park facility will be located in the Sports Complex located on Tausick Way. Originally, the new facility was to be developed alongside the existing skate park located in the Fort Walla Walla Park. However, this left the skate park user group on the East side of Walla Walla underserved [particularly youth that are not of driving age]. The decision was made to locate the new intermediate/advanced facility at the Sports Complex, as well as a beginners area. Having both beginners and intermediate/advanced areas in one location will appeal widely to the skateboarding user group the facility will serve. While the intermediate/advanced facility is funded, the WWSPA is currently fundraising for the beginners area.

The Walla Walla Skate Park Association is pleased to announce with much appreciation a generous grant of $42,000.00 from the Donald & Virginia Sherwood Trust. These funds will be used along with other funds already donated to complete an intermediate/advanced skate park facility. While additional fundraising continues, funding from the Sherwood Trust provides the financial support to complete this project for the Walla Walla community.

Just under $6,000 raised from the Dessert Faire & Silent Auction! Thanks to the Blue Mountain Action Council for organizing this event! Also, thanks to all of the local businesses that donated items to the auction and to all of the individuals that bid at the auction! This event truly shows the wide community support for the new skate park facility!

The AmeriCorps and Blue Mountain Action Council, in conjunction with the WWSPA, are throwing a Dessert Faire and Silent Auction at the Marcus Whitman Ballroom on Friday, March 28 7-9pm. There will be raffled and silent auction items (both goods and services) donated from Walla Walla businesses (examples: Walla Walla wine, a set of Cain & Cain speakers, and 1 year Walla Walla Roastery Coffee subscription). Desserts will be provided by several of Walla Walla's fine dining and bakery establishments. Special thanks go to Kyle Mussman for donating the Marc's ballrooms for the fundraiser. Bring out your sweet tooth (and your wallet) and help support the cause!
...Download a flyer to pass around...makes a good wall ornament!

The Stubblefield Trust has generously given a $7500 grant to help with the WW Skatepark upgrades. A BIG thanks is in order as the Trust was one of the major benefactors for the Phase One construction back in 1999.


11.24.07 - Skate-o-Rama Event Results
Highest ollie contest
Vince Melton 24"

Game of "Skate"
age 12 and under
winner-Alec Carrera
age 13 and over
winner-Paul Wujek

10.21.07 - Skate-o-Rama Event Results
Highest ollie contest
Chris Garner 36"
Grant Goddard 34"
Vince Melton 28"

Game of "Skate"
age 12 and under
winner-Owen Senter
age 13 and older
winner-Paul Wujek

6.07.07 - Charter Communications has generously donated 6 months of commericial airtime to WWSPA to help promote skatepark fundraising. Get a sneak-peak of the commercial here... (quicktime plug-in required)

6.03.07 - A concept image of the new addition to the Ft. Walla Walla facility. Help us to make this new addition a reality and make a donation to our building fund. Click here for more information...

3.06.07 - Charter Communications has generously donated 6 months of commericial airtime to WWSPA to help promote skatepark fundraising. Storyboards have been written for a 3-part commercial starring a fictional local skater named "Johnny." Above is director Brian Senter (WW High School Drama Instructor) and Producer Brian Gurnett (Apedog Productions) trying out locals for the part of "Johnny." Props to both Brian's for their volunteer efforts!

3.06.07 - Financial Update: To date $13,500 has been raised with many more pledges for skatebricks due. A BIG thanks to Castaldo Stone and Tile for the donated granite bricks and Wylie Monuments for budget engraving. See some examples of local benefactors with their bricks More Details...

10.29.06 - WWSPA presents "Skate-O-Rama" skate event at Fort Walla Walla Skate Park. Event starts at 2pm, and will feature an informal best trick contest, informational meeting on the skate park expansion project, barbecue, free stickers, and more.  Rain date is November 5th at 2pm.

10.26.06 - The Blue Mountain Community Foundation made a $3,000 donation to the WWSPA.  We are are most grateful for thecontinued support! 

10.09.06 - The Walla Walla Skatepark Association "Skate Bricks" fundraiser launches. Make a tax deductible donation and receive a customized engraved granite brick with your name or logo imprinted. All bricks will be utilized in the new construction at the Walla Walla Skatepark. More Details...

10.09.06 - The Walla Walla Skatepark Association has received an invitation to the Blue Mountain Community Foundation Annual Meeting on Oct. 26th. Typically this is a signal that a grant request has been awarded for our grant proposal that we submitted in July '06. The BMCF has been supremely generous by awarding three different yearly grant requests since fundraising for the original park  begin in 1998. We're hoping for the fourth...What a truly stellar asset the BMCF to this place we call home!


Sports Complex Tausick Way Skate Park Location [Bowl & Street Area]

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Fort Walla Walla Skate Park Location

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